Making of: blog design


The design of this blog was a journey into minimalism and a search of a style that recall some good memories of my beginning on the Web.

Choice 1: A unique css style sheet

I first tried to build one style sheet for the entire website. That keeps me into one constraint: make it universal. Thereby and against the habit, i overide the default behavior of tags.

Choice 2: Cut off the head of html

That's one kind of a dirty hack, don't you! But do your users really need to download doctype, html tag and a bunch of encapsulation if their browser doesn't even care of it?

Choice 3: The art of using the right source of pixel

When you compress jpeg to the point they are only 850 octets why should you need svg?

  • 1. When the information of the description of the image is smaller than that of the image itself
  • 2. If you use one picture in your entire website with only some kind of variations

Some inputs from other people: